The Founding of DinoPunk Wear

The Founding of DinoPunk Wear

Years ago, bored at home on a weekend night, I got the urge to create something unique and random. Scouring the web for inspiration, I came across the famous ponderous raptor meme, and suddenly thought "what if the raptor looked like Joey Ramone?"

I began sketching, and by the end of the night, had the final design for VelociRamone. I was immediately pleased by the art, but did not think to do anything with it outside of adding it to my artistic portfolio. As the years went on, the piece stuck with me, and I began thinking it would look awesome on a t-shirt. I knew nothing about making shirts, but logged that as a future goal. 

Come the pandemic; I have time on my hands and all the time in the world. And so was formed. I created new original mash-ups, taking inspiration from the punk and punk-inspired musicians I loved, and combining them with the dinosaur I felt would be fitting of their character. 

With the help of a graphic designer cousin, and began creating print files, did some initial test printings, and now have the fully launched website, where fans can order products on demand. This has been a labor of love from day one, and I appreciate every fan and customer who has taken the time to order a shirt or beanie. 

Thank you for reading, visiting, and hopefully finding a shirt or hoodie to order.

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